MacGruer Farm

About Us

MacGruer Farm is located in northeast Georgia on the Lumpkin-White County Line – just outside of Cleveland. We are an 80+ acre farm and are currently devoted primarily to beekeeping. We have several apiary locations on property that is heavily wooded with maple, pear, black cherry, tulip poplar, holly, blackberry, wild blueberry and the prized sourwood tree. Farm land on neighboring properties also provides clover and numerous wildflower sources to our hives. Because of our diverse pollen and nectar sources we are able to keep “happy” and healthy bees and they in return provide us with two honey seasons – wildflower in the spring from April thru June and sourwood in July. A third honey season comes on in the fall with the blooming of goldenrod and aster but this honey is left with the bees to help sustain them through the winter.

Bees on honeycomb

We actually got introduced to local honey through the recommendation of a doctor who suggested it for allergies. In our search for local honey sources, we stumbled across an introductory beekeeping class, and as the saying goes, “the rest is history.” We look forward to providing quality honey and hive products at the Hall, Lumpkin & White County local markets, and hope to see you soon.

Markets and Events

We will be at the Dahlonega Farmers Market this spring and summer. The farmers market is located one block north of the Dahlonega square on North Park Street. Check the farmers market website for specific dates.

We will be selling our wildflower and sourwood honey in 2 lbs glass, 1 lbs plastic and 3 oz plastic bears. Please contact us for more information.

Contact Us

MacGruer Farm
189 Narrow Lane,
Dahlonega, GA 30533
(770) 894-2361